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tv   Inside Story 2017 Ep 294  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2017 2:32pm-3:01pm AST

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of the four blockading countries it comes after mr tillerson held talks in doha and riyadh calling for a deescalation of tensions. the philippines government has announced an end to its five month battle against isolating fighters and morale we the moti armed group laid siege to the southern city in may the defense secretary says the final forty two fighters were killed in a gun battle with his troops this side of the last group. there were caught in the one building and so they were. there was a five firefight so they were finished no more on the number of militants inside. i still killed at least one hundred twenty eight people in the syrian town of al kut a ton in a revenge campaign before it's captured by government forces the syrian observatory group says the killings in central holmes took place over a period of three weeks government forces recaptured the town from i saw on saturday an international conference is underway in geneva calling for urgent funds
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for the range of refugees the e.u.'s co-hosting the event use calling for an end to the violence and the me and my army's military operations in rakhine state bangladeshi officials have told the conference their country is now sheltering a million break indra you are right up to date with all the top stories up next jeanne's here with inside story i will see you very soon. the the earth . america's top diplomat is back in the gulf trying to heal the rift between its arab allies ricks tennyson's playing down the chances of an early end to the crisis what will it take to find a solution and does the saudi led quartet even want to talk this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm jane it is a case of try and try again for america's top diplomat the u.s. secretary of state's back in the gulf reviving mediation efforts to end the four month long gulf crisis breaks to listens visiting saudi arabia and cattle as part of a regional tour his last visit was in july for talks described as intense but no deal so what chance of success now tennyson's playing down the chances of a quick solution and his latest shuttle diplomacy is already blamed the saddle a group of countries for the lack of progress saudi arabia bahrain the united arab
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emirates and egypt cut ties with qatar in june and imposed a land sea and air travel blockade the saudi led bloc accuse katsav supporting terrorism allegations strongly denied here in qatar. as the gulf dispute does near its five month mark the united states remains concerned as concerned today as we were at the outset of the dispute has had negative consequences economically and militarily for those involved and certainly the united states has felt the effects of that as well we think it's very important for the g.c.c. to continue to pursue unity. it is most effective when it is unified and none of us can afford to let this dispute linger so we can call on all the parties involved to continue to work towards discussion and dialogue and finding a way to deal with the differences we hash that everyone minimize the rhetoric and deescalate the tensions and take steps to do so it's not
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a healthy environment that we find that the current situation the u.s. is going to continue to do our part we're going to continue to support the mayor of kuwait and his efforts towards finding a diplomatic solution and we will continue to engage all parties as how we can better help them understand their concerns and possibly find a solution as i get the thoughts of i guest joining us here in doha for had been mohamed atta cats on bass of the to russia in london undescribed he's an assistant professor at the defense studies department kings college of london and in washington d.c. via skype and josh on the executive director of the arab center of washington very good to have all three of you with us a very warm welcome to the press conference between ricks to listen and the cats really foreign minister is going to précis this very briefly the country farm is
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a second home had been a rock on a funny said. they support the u.s. mediation efforts here it's up to the other countries to also push for dialogue to listen also encouraging dialogue but say that washington won't impose any solution had been mohamed el a tear i mean really is that it. well. the u.s. government is respecting the integrity and sovereignty of nations when they take. steps measures in this instance it's trying to give them a chance to address this in a civilized manner obviously all efforts have come to. then the dead and clearly he has mentioned in his press conference that he has spoken to the crown prince of saudi arabia tried to find where he's even prepared to engage in a dialogue let alone to travel and meet somewhere to get into discussion and response
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was obviously negative so i think the u.s. can and indeed has the power to place more leverage at this point we're trying. from what it seems they're trying to explore avenues so they don't have to escalate from there and and i think this visit we will see probably i mean that's my take on the matter is that things will probably change as we go forward josh and i wonder what you make of the meetings so far mean we've seen the turnstiles been spinning here and how with politicians coming through takes tennis and being the latest over the same conclusion pushing for more dialogue do you expect more than that. i didn't frankly i think secretary of state was quite clear before he left washington on friday that his expectations were somewhat and or limited he expected to express again his concern that the administration to
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u.s. allies in the region who are parties to this conflict and to continue the effort i think he reiterated today very clearly that the u.s. remains very concerned about the price that has been paid by everybody including the united states as a result of this crisis and he doesn't think this crisis should continue and neither would efforts and though those of the administration to explain this prize to the to all the parties concerned and hopefully you know that fifty percent chance in the sense that we have one half of this conflict one side. is fully cooperating with the secretary and is moving forward with whatever it has been asked to do while the other side remaining on the sideline and is not engaging so there fifty percent chance is what the secretary needs to continue to focus on that what do you think of this you know other than cathy being keen to talk
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andrea's kraken the diplomatic paralysis that we seeing you know secretary of state doesn't often get on a plane unless they have a deliverables he did say that he didn't have any deliverables it was probably protecting himself and he was wise to do that because as we've seen nothing's come out of this but. i mean surely he must have gotten to play knowing that that possibly was a chance of some sort of breakthrough what is it where is it. there's the one million dollar question of where is this breakthrough but let's not forget this is not a goal of travel that he done this is not a journey to the gulf it's a journey to asia even the talks we had today and yesterday in saudi arabia were mostly looking at iraq they're not weren't really looking and focusing too much on the crisis on the gulf crisis so i think his rick spectators were relatively low in his tradition is quite desperate to find a way out of this but at this point i think you know they realize that that saudi
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and the u.a.e. in particular have climbed quite a tall tree and it's quite difficult for these countries to come down from this tree without losing face considering that the international. community has been quiet on the qatar side because they've realized that you know qatar has made a lot of concessions cut as been willing to talk has been even made concession when it comes to dealing with extremism in the financing of terror to get together with the united states so qatar has made whatever was asked of it the other side hasn't really done and hasn't provided anything yet and i think there is this is where the the kind of stalemate lies because tillerson kind of needs to push now the other side to make more to do more but how can he do this i think he's moved from sweet talking to more coersion i mean the two very important aspects one of them is that he's been talking to the press quite freely you know talking toward saudi arabia and the u.a.e. directly saying you need to do more qatar has done its part and on the other hand you know. the defense secretary has now withdrawn any efforts to basically hold
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joint g.c.c. military exercises but at the same time holding a military exercise with the country armed forces this week or last week so you know this is kind of there's a lot of messaging going on at the moment with a lot of pressure but to be honest you know as long as they say and he said this again now in this press conference and the kuwaiti amir will take the lead on any mediation effort as long as this is the case i don't think they will be able to get out of this quite mire that they're in and they need to find this. a letter to to allow the saudi and the u.a.e. in particular to climb down the tree and do and sell this as a victory face saving methods at the moment i don't think this face saving measure has been found but let's quickly talk about the u.s. and why it's here playing an important role in trying to end the gulf crisis u.s. secular state rex tillerson visited the region in july but left without a breakthrough although a memorandum of understanding of combating and financing terrorism was signed with qatar to listen later pointed to diplomats to step up efforts to find
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a solution and u.s. president donald trump offered to mediate following a white house meeting with the emir of kuwait in the wake of that visit the emir of qatar and saudi arabia's crown prince had their first phone conversation since the crisis began in june hopes were dashed within a few hours and the deadlock has continued since i mean that didn't bode well or doesn't bode well for her doesn't for future conversations if they can even have that type of telephone conversation was considered. sing and you know wondered why that ended like that what if the u.s. now in their their arsenal of of offers the leverage that they have offered talks at the white house camp david would that work. well there has been countless offers from the beginning in order to bring the bring the parties just the table of discussion and the as the person have mentioned before coming here all of the
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quartet are being hard headed refusing even to entertain this idea so i don't think i don't know where how is it going to be viable to bring four countries that are unwilling to even engage in a discussion with qatar over issues that the rest of the world seem to have not recognize if that if there was a recognition for these issues then the united states would be the first country to come to court and to tell it to abide by the rules of countering terrorism and this is not the case in fact the us came and signed with us a counter terrorism agreement and many delegations from europe have come to qatar and many many more engagements have happened since then so i don't really see how the other than these baseless accusations as the reason for them to stop at advancing any sort of dialogue with qatar and it goes it goes but it goes to the very regional issue which is the world view that they hold for the
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entire middle east which is one. revives author of terrorism revives the very environment that created terrorism so in fact i find of the quartet are the very four countries that will reproduced even a greater and more violent terrorism in the future given that they're trying to revive the very system that produces the first place and qatar takes a different position to them and that's why qatar is fought we have to talk about the root cause of the issue and not fall into the trap of discussing the pretext of it ok is that one of the reasons that they will not sit at the table with katter are they unwilling or incapable of reconciliation would it be deemed embarrassing to sit opposite the man they try to throw out of office. i think that plays a very very big role if we look at the u.n.
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general assembly that was held a month ago in new york it was clear that the cutter's emir would attend initially have been some on the crown prince of saudi arabia was supposed to attend as well but knowing that the emir was coming in the country delegation was quite extensive a mob inside iran canceled not you know he fear that he might be put in the same room forced to sit with the country mia by donald trump and he didn't arrive and he didn't come and the same was true for the u.a.e. in the same was true for four other players for example they only sent their deputy or their foreign ministers and i think this is this is kind of shows that they didn't want to be put under pressure in the same room with the countries face them and talk about this because yes what we've seen over the last couple of weeks until it isn't addressed is as well as well he said let's deescalate that means also deescalate in the media there's been a lot of negative narratives coming out about qatar you know the u.a.e. and saudi arabian particular have kind of steering the rumors about regime change
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have presented a couple of very abstruse individuals that they claim would be legitimate rulers of qatar you know this is something you know which is kind of nasty it's gone down quite an emotional quite a quite a nasty route whereby you know they have presented turning to me as to the current ruler ruling emir. and how can you after this you know this regime change policy how can you face them now in the same room particularly considering that the country people are very strongly behind the shift i mean so it is everything they've done so far has been very embarrassing been decided by or been shaped by strategic miscalculation how do they want to now sit down with qatar and talk with them when everything until now it's been about embarrassment a little what prompted to listen to criticize the saudi led bloc so vehemently before he even got onto the plane and what do you think he's trying to
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achieve by doing that could it backfire if he wasn't welcomed by the foreign minister when he arrived in saudi arabia for example. i think what prompted the secretary to make a statement is a personal and situational frustration with regards to the state department and the administration at large for the lack of response there has been by the way steady flow of both pressure and. diplomatic exchanges between the quartet and washington and the last one was ten days before he left and the quartet did not even dignify the secretary of state with an answer with regard to the last meeting held with the ambassador of that country here in washington so it was just sheer frustration and we all know look. that our son is not a shy person ok he proved that. you know even internally in washington over the
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past ten days and he calls a spade a spade when he needs to do that and so his statement was made in that context it was not well received definitely it was meant to be a form of pressure and that definitely was the case i think it was irrelevant as to who received him at the airport or not i mean these diplomatic games are irrelevant to somebody who's not necessarily a carrier diplomat. but the foreign minister here let's keep up because if i said i want this i want to say this he's gives me jumping in. this i'm hearing of this as a possible last resort to congress the resolution we get the house and senate possible war resolution but the u.s. military has thirty days to stop helping the war process in yemen the saudi led bloc that thirty days to stop refueling planes stop intel in yemen well they pull that card that's pretty effective it might be effective it might not be effective
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and they definitely not at that stage yet i think and that is and the transformation a large have been very supportive of the supportive of the war in yemen from. from the from the very onset. soon as they join the white house i don't think they want to play that card at this point yet we also shouldn't forget one thing and i know that the media has been talking about this i think that this is a mutually beneficial relationship the relationship between the gulf countries and the united states both sides are dependent on each other it's not like the back in the day twenty thirty years ago where the united states you know had a lot of leverage they still have a lot of leverage but they're not just the sole protect anymore the gulf countries have other turnit if they can turn towards china they're going to turn towards russia they can turn towards asia still the united states remains the most important player but the americans need the gulf countries as well the entire u.s. foreign policy in the middle east is now based on using the gulf countries in the g.c.c. at large as a proxy to fight the wars against iran and to fight the wars against extremism and
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i says in particular so the u.s. can't just withdraw and say you know what we're going to we're going to cut our all our funding because that they will hurt themselves because the americans are not willing to return to the middle east in the same way they did in two thousand and three during the iraq war they need the gulf to to basically step up their game take all responsibility and deal with these local issues syria iraq yemen egypt libya and so on and so forth so they can't just pull this card or play this card now and then say well yeah we don't support your yemen but we still want you to help us in libya and want you we want you to help us in iraq especially considering the the agreement they've come to over iraq today with our body i do not think that this is a viable option the united states don't want to escalate it to that point well that clears up that point for what about cattles leverage here i mean would they be having increased dialogue with russia for example with your lovely tantalizing
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portsea i mean with your relationship with iran i mean how frightening is that from saudi arabian perspective. hallways in it it is open to developing and. strengthen relationships with other countries both regional. and russia is first of all is a strategic player in the region it's a partner with qatar on a number of very important projects the chief amongst them is the the agreement that has been reached in two thousand and sixteen where. oil prices have been stabilized thanks to the mutual efforts between the two countries and there is more collaboration on stabilizing the situation in syria and of course in the region at large and so russia plays that very significant important role for maintaining stability and peace in the region qatar sees the positive role and tries to engage
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with it constructively i think also rex tillerson mentioned that the situation the quartet have created has led qatar to be dependent on the airspace of iran and of our neighbor let's not forget that iran we share with iran the major important gas field in the north and we have long said that we are open to engage in solving our differences with dialogue and as recently our foreign minister mentioned that even despite the fact that we have fundamental differences with some of the policies that emanate from iran nonetheless we we call upon the the all of the g.c.c. and iran to come around the table of garlic to discuss our differences and to find solutions so ok all right i can says sorry. i'm going to put this to say it
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seems that me from saudi arabia and u.a.e. is point of view it backfired i mean it's interesting that the u.a.e. is not on tellus ins list here so. what what's he hoping for now and what's he going to do with the people that he's that he's leaving out and the holes that can be filled going forward and so i think and that's going to g.c.c. there because we've got a meeting in the forty's that going to happen. meeting is not going to happen i think that meeting all indications today as we speak point to the fact that it's going to be pushed beyond indefinitely that's what at least the sentiment of the kuwaitis at this time and in terms of excluding any parties from dismiss it or any other visits i mean contacts are continuing with all the parties frankly some are excluded from this visit mostly because i think the administration feels that that's this particular party duckie referred to the emirates as not being as for
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profit at all in this effort so they feel like it's a waste of time anyway to include him in them decided to enter a they feel that as long as a decision. is made by the larger and more influential party the leader of the quartet that is saudi arabia then the rest would follow at least that's the impression here. in washington and they feel that if anyone is to basically. flinch or change its position it will be most probably most likely saudi arabia iran that the emirates i mean this is the reason for this particular stop there in addition i think as mentioned earlier and the program this is an agenda that's not totally focused on the g.c.c. crisis there are other items on the agenda that had nothing to do with that and this trip has a diverse and complex agenda so that was not necessary necessarily if
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you screw this particular trip. ok what are going to take a reluctance to talk certainly from the saudi arabian sides are in might not see anything in camp david soon political impasse what needs to happen right now. i'm very pessimistic because i think all sides have made it clear that they are now their plans and this trip the strategy ahead is one which is not within a g.c.c. of six the u.a.e. and saudi arabia will probably go forward having meetings joint meetings within the quartet possibly leaving out kuwait and allman as well because these two countries don't really want to be part of the g.c.c. or five without qatar and with qatar being being on the outside qatar itself said you know we are are going for with the strategy of being an island we're no longer looking at it as a penciler we're an island we're having
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a our policy has to be one of an island that again also suggested saying if you know if if nobody wants to talk to us we will not give up our sovereignty and surrender to the bulling of saudi arabia and the u.a.e. and move forward independently of these would be in riyadh so it's very hard to say i think it is hurting but it is it's not as painful as some people make it out to be there are losses on all sides but all sides can live with it for the time being so i am very pessimistic that in the in the coming months there's going to be any breakthrough diplomatically i'd seen kids not going to end anytime soon gentlemen very good to have you on the show. big thanks to fight hard to tear under script and just shine and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by this ng a website that is a dot com for the discussion at our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story can also join the conversation on twitter a handle is at a.j.
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inside story mine is at jane. thanks for watching by fanatics. we. yeah me being from the sun rules. the state of follow me says that. phrase from issue rules is the name one of which i recorded a regular years ago reckon music is really going to trip my life for a very young age to make a profit maker but i feel that. the talks of are just the quality books often
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organisms are crazy music has a message that's deeply relevant to this rather especially for the i think this is kind of all a right wing assault on our freedom to ask questions and generally all freedom of expression and people you know are being targeted like students teachers activists who make us right to face all of them but exhibited the form of a respite and people are on the streets to protest and it's just our doorstep sort of in whichever way i'd like to attempts to contradict something and it's. just it's going to have to you have to have no i'm not to have. just come out. we want to do good news that's what our population down trying to get like not. just. jump on the truck. over the
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hill then today. just on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of culture as a cry. the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current events that matter to. zero. zero again adrian figure here in doha the top stories on al-jazeera the parliament of spades couple in.


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